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Team building cohésion Niort La Rochelle

A team of 15 people from the same group based in the city of Niort, wants to maintain the concept of team cohesion at a seminar in La Rochelle.
They are settled in a very comfortable establishment by the sea for 2 days.
They can devote the morning of day 2 to a playful creative activity to maintain the link between people. The group is made up of very different profiles, occupying a wide range of positions and responsibilities over a wide geographic area.

Why the Totem Box?
The TOTEM box presents a creative activity that is fun and accessible.
These two points respond directly to the constraint of population diversity. When the characters are varied, it is better to be simple and attractive to satisfy the tastes of all.
Our intervention process is based on universal practice: cutting.
We all approach our learning in life through this practice. It allows you to touch the material: adhesive vinyl. To approach the color, which speaks a lot by itself. And we ask for a very minimalist intervention by cutting out personal forms but very simple.

This practice is accessible to the greatest number. Participants are quickly confident. They have every opportunity to heal their relationships with others.
We strive to be simple to be effective. Without any artifice.

Our method has been refined for years. It leaves room for the human and his feelings.

The TOTEM box is a kit of materials that includes all the necessary to the activity, but also a method, and a true work of art to expose in the end.

For the method we have seen, it is simple: cutting for everyone.
But this division is a different process according to the program chosen between: cohesion, agility, future and responsibility.
These themes offer a scroll adapted to your goal.

The average duration is 2 hours in all. The group can consist of about 10 to 40 people. Beyond, we propose to set up several TOTEM Box.

Everything revolves around aNa's artistic approach. This visual artist intervenes since 1999 with extremely varied public, private, professional, students, families, friends, ... She installs an interactive format and creates a live work.

The Totem box is a kit that uses his method and one of his original works, but animated by a third party and without his presence. This allows a very wide availability and a cost price hyper attractive.
aNa therefore paints an original work on its favorite medium: a transparent plastic plate. His drawing is then rolled inside the cylinder formed by the plate.

The group intervenes on the outside of the pre-drawn transparent tube, all around, by sticking the adhesive cut forms,
The cylindrical module is very ergonomic. It is comfortable because everyone sees through it. Participants are therefore free to use the session all the time.

In the end, the cylinder covered with colors is open and presented flat, on the side of the face of the artist. His drawing appears as if by magic, supported by the bright colors of the participants. This system makes it possible to obtain a true artistic collaboration which produces an effect Waouh immediate. It is then time to organize a collective photo session to seal the collegiate memory.

But the surprise does not stop there because the design of ANA is not random.
If it looks very original, it is actually drawn from an artistic extrapolation of aNa from a city map. You choose your city, and ANA produces an original drawing using the contours of streets, boulevards, parks, rivers, monuments ...

This gives a lot of meaning to the activity. Everyone can find in the drawing, the space he lives in, the path he stamps, or the location of the company ...
This data is explained at the most opportune moment following the program.
Here the city represented is the one that hosts the company: Niort. It is a surprise that amuses and reassures the participants who feels a great preparation, a meaning and therefore a consideration and a benevolence towards them. It only remains to install his collegiate work in the company, in one or more parts.

This decoration will have the lasting mission of decorating, but also and especially to remember the individual belonging to the group, and to flatter all the collaborators having taken by this atypical but accessible artistic adventure.

This service is available with or without animation.

From everywhere in metropolitan France and all year round.

Information: 06 45 10 61 93"

Team building graffiti Niort Team building original Niort Team building fresque Niort Team building créatif Niort Team building Niort Team building graffiti La Rochelle Team building original La Rochelle Team building fresque La Rochelle Team building créatif La Rochelle Team building La Rochelle