ANAYSTOF est la société de production d'art contemporain de l'artiste aNa.

Un couple (aNa et Christophe) animé par une ambition commune et un projet de vie : éditer des solutions artistiques pour tous les instants de la vie privée et professionnelle :

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Animation Graffiti participatif Chaumont

The artistic approach of the visual artist ANA is totally guided by her deepest wish: to democratize the art as much as possible by making it accessible to as many people as possible.

To do this, there are not 50 solutions ... It is necessary to go to the contact of all the slices, communities, typologies, families, categories ...

Thus, all year round, aNa occurs and welcomes around its transparent cylinders,
- elected officials and institutions at parties of vows or inaugurations,
- business leaders and collaborators during cocktails, birthdays,
- managers and collaborators during team buildings and seminars,
- school children during educational projects,
- children during Christmas trees and associative projects,
- public prevented in their host institutions,
- researchers during brainstorming sessions,
- ... and even more rich and varied audiences in various countries more or less distant ...

A very conducive ground for the implementation and practice of a popular art, and purpose as proposed by aNa is: The Christmas market.

This annual parenthesis brings together various populations:
- elected
- tradespeople
- associations
- children
- teenagers
- Parents
- families
- police
- technical services
- retired
- ... and much more

At the end of 2018, ANA is invited to Chaumont, in a beautiful gazebo in the center of a public park.

She installs her cylinder in a slide version that allows her to build in the final one or more separate works to exhibit in several places. Because the project of the town is on the one hand to involve as many people as possible in this artistic and social project. But she also hopes to eventually have several pieces to exhibit in several places to bring the final result of different social categories at the same time.

If aNa is working on an integral tube in a large room, it will only be visible to an audience at a location for a given time. This duration will then be shorter and constraints that there will be type of participants to be satisfied.

While with a game of several pieces, we can organize a real journey punctuating the places of everyone.
But it all starts with aNa's public performance.
The project is simple: aNa welcomes everyone over the course of an afternoon, around his transparent tube. Original artistic medium that interactively transforms into a giant collegiate graffiti fresco.

Participants are invited to cut out shapes in color stickers available all around the artist. She lives in her Transparent Tube to create an interactive live piece. aNa creates a graphic link to the black line, running with his brush loaded with black ink, all around the forms of passers-by.

The activity attracts adults, couples, families, children, ... Some only spend a few moments, and others give themselves a great moment to this practice of cutting that quickly returns to childhood. Some even come back several times between cutting their production by eating a treat or burning calories on the nearby ice rink.

Night falling early this time of year, dresses even better performance of the artist. It warms the mood of 1000 lights twinkling all around ... The golden hue warms the atmosphere.

In the end, a very large participation made it possible to constitute 2 Totems of 4 faces.

This convenient format to display and move can be dismantled to offer even more exhibits.

This example illustrates a little more the range of possibilities offered by aNa interventions. Formats, public, exhibition, communication, ... many parameters are totally flexible to make an artistic and creative animation such as the frescoes common works of aNa, a real project of social mediation that can offer a point of meeting or convergence for a very large number of categories of people living in the same territory.

aNa and her team travels to France and abroad.
Her experience accumulated since 1999 offers the opportunity to advise you and help you build a truly impactful and rewarding project.

Information: 06 45 10 61 93"

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