ANAYSTOF est la société de production d'art contemporain de l'artiste aNa.

Un couple (aNa et Christophe) animé par une ambition commune et un projet de vie : éditer des solutions artistiques pour tous les instants de la vie privée et professionnelle :

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Team building cohésion

A small team of 12 people want to enjoy a playful creative animation during the afternoon of an end-of-year seminar.

Three sites in Saint Etienne and Roanne have a dozen or so collaborators.

The purpose of the day is to propose an annual report and areas for improvement.

The wish that motivates the setting up of a fresco creative workshop in the afternoon is to stimulate and refine the cohesion of the group. The organizer wishes an activity that gives free rein to the imagination of the participants. But she also wants each entity to leave with a personal memory.

Totem box synergie is an offer dedicated to this type of specifications.

This is a hardware kit + dedicated method.

This offer is a practical and very profitable version of the live team building activities of the artist aNa.
Since 1999, this professional artist has been developing services and concepts to involve as many people as possible in real artistic projects each time giving an original work to exhibit. She devised a kit of material: The Totem box.

This includes all the material to finalize in group a work of art painted and signed by his hand + a particular method for defined themes:
- cohesion
- agility
- responsibility
- futur

This box can be bought directly in workshop (450 € ht) or delivered. It can also be animated or coached by a professional on the whole of France

The principle is very simple :
aNa creates a work by hand in the workshop.

On a transparent format of 750x1500mm that we roll to fit in a 200l tin of steel (format 600x900mm)

The can contains in addition all the necessary material:
- scissors
- color adhesive rolls
- wastebasket
- manual
- gloves for handling

The unrolled is very playful
The fresco totem is arranged on the container that contains it.
This form allows all participants to turn around and continue to maintain eye contact.

Employees must produce simple shapes in response to the proposed theme by cutting out shapes in the color adhesives with the scissors provided. Then everyone sticks his production ... and starts again. Each program proposes a roll adapted to the objective.

The average duration is from 1h30 to 2h of activity.

At the end of the session, the cylinder is opened, to present the result to the whole assembly.

The sublime random or organized coloring of the artist's original drawing and produced an original and collegial work that is very rewarding for teams and individuals.
As here in this example, it is possible to cut the whole into smaller tables so that each office or service has its own memory.

The totem can be exposed rolled on the cylinder-shaped can, or flat and even framed.

Offer from € 450 to € 1200 depending on options and services selected.
Ideal for groups of 10 to 40 people in team building.
Up to 100 people in cocktail or event. Available for trade show and convention.

It is possible to order several Totem box for very important gauges (we have already provided a formula with 12 totem box for 400 people spread over 12 offices in the region)

A tip, an idea: 06 45 10 61 93"

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