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Symposium event animation

A wall of images to compose together in the form of a photographic puzzle.

A symposium is an expert meeting devoted to a scientific theme.

This often very technical theme does not necessarily allow very entertaining animation.

However, to stimulate exchanges and offer a break to the spirits, it is interesting to imagine a formula a little fun during breaks, around a coffee or a buffet of soft drinks for example.

An image illustrates a purpose.
It is therefore agreed that a very specific photograph can represent the theme of the symposium.

We imagine a simple but effective formula to involve your guests and participants, all together, in the construction of a reference image, over time and on a voluntary basis.

How to build a picture wall puzzle by your guests?
- We decline YOUR illustration of the theme into a large format print printed on giant adhesive
- We cut your image into as many pieces as necessary to build the puzzle
- You give each piece to the participants on their arrival
- We install a blank numbered wall
- We welcome your guests at each break to help them find their personal location and stick to their exclusive piece Throughout the symposium, the image gradually appears.

It allows to install the idea over time. The wall also represents the meeting and rallying space throughout the event.

These form of Photographic Puzzle represents an ultra simple way to involve any population in the construction and the realization of a common objective.
The gesture is so simple that it does not repel anyone.

On the contrary, everyone is in a hurry to discover the final message and therefore runs quickly. It is possible to enter text, message, drawing, graphic, ...

This installation is available everywhere in France.

The visual only can optionally be delivered to the customer or organizer.

The complete module can be dismantled and permanently installed at the customer's premises.
It is possible to build any size of module.

Informations: 06 45 10 61 93"

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