ANAYSTOF est la société de production d'art contemporain de l'artiste aNa.

Un couple (aNa et Christophe) animé par une ambition commune et un projet de vie : éditer des solutions artistiques pour tous les instants de la vie privée et professionnelle :

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Remote Digital Mural

Remote Digital Mural - by aNa artist - Hello! And Welcome to the platform that will reveal your artistic talents !

Please first choose your language and click to enter Here you go And Before you start… Do you know what Leonardo da Vinci, Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso have in common? Legend has it that they all started on Microsoft Paint... So you can now be part of the game. Please be our guest and create a personal drawing you will share with ana artist. She will imagine a digital mural remotely including all microsftees creations done on Paint. So please tell us : what does spring mean to you. When your done, please make sure you save your file correctly on your computer desk or gallery. Before you start, please listen our 4 easy instructions Make simple drawings Ana likes to receive drawing as simple as possible Use the all space on your frame and imagine a large creation Please never use word or numbers. Only colorfull shapes And most important, never use black color. aNa creates a global blackline artwork. So it could be confuising. So, now… Please press play and enter the event room. You will find out two click buttons reaching an onboard paint version that you can use with your smartphone Most important is you find here a drop box to send your creation directly to the artist First reach your file on your computer And then clik and send it. To make sure things work correctly, you should automatically reach the welcome space. Check on bottom of this page to find out a global gallery where you should see your personal drawing. And if you need help or advise, you can texte call or even e-mail me. So now, aNa is expecting some good news from you, so please press and play…

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