ANAYSTOF est la société de production d'art contemporain de l'artiste aNa.

Un couple (aNa et Christophe) animé par une ambition commune et un projet de vie : éditer des solutions artistiques pour tous les instants de la vie privée et professionnelle :

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Idee animation créative réveillon soirée anniversaire afterwork

The totem box affinity is a self-made fresco graffiti animation kit.

Designed for groups of 2 to 10 people, this box contains an original illustration hand painted by the artist aNa, on one of its exclusive formats: a transparent tube.

This cylinder is actually a rolled transparent plastic plate. This allows to have a medium of artistic expression around which one can turn freely all together.

This original work of art is packaged in a steel tin with a size of approximately 30x33cm. It protects the cylinder, and contains everything necessary for animation:
- the cylinder
- scissors to cut
- color vinyl
- handling gloves
- the world of employment You do not need anything else ...

The principle is simple. The mini fresco by the artist aNa is rolled with the drawing placed inside the tube.
Each participant must cut shapes of their choice or following a theme using vinyl adhesive colors. It's simple, fun and regressive. It's truly within the reach of everyone. All figurative or abstract stickers are glued one by one by the one created by them. Outlines may follow the design of aNa or may be arbitrarily and totally improvised. The activity embellishes an evening, a cocktail, an eve, a birthday ...

This is the way to constitute an original common memory.

It is especially a creative animation very original and profitable.

Available from everywhere in France delivery included.

You do not care about anything.

Just open the kit and put it into service so that the guests have everything to create together a real collaborative table in 1 to 2 hours.

There is a much larger version for groups of 10 to 100 people (then available with a facilitator or coach).

We also offer an individual version to do alone, anywhere and anytime.

Information: 06 45 10 61 93"

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