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Un couple (aNa et Christophe) animé par une ambition commune et un projet de vie : éditer des solutions artistiques pour tous les instants de la vie privée et professionnelle :

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Creativ team building for High tech convention Neuchatel Switzerland

The Swiss Center for Electronics and Microengineering (CSEM) located in Neuchâtel, Switzerland is organizing its cross-cutting day of staff.

It sets up a conference program as well as a presentation space for its developments and innovations.

This event aims to inform and make meet the different actors researchers, technicians, but also administrative staff, logistics, and even family.

The organizers agree the artist aNa for a participative performance arranged in the exhibition space and accessible at all times of the different poses and lunch.

The objective of proposing a playful animation able to sensitize all the public, and to obtain a convincing result in a short time and monopolizing little individual energy.

aNa provides interactive creative workshops that are both attractive and accessible.
She installs her Transparent Tube at the most strategic place. Then she lives all day.
Participants are free to speak alone or in groups, freely throughout the day.
They have to cut shapes into stickers to represent personal ideas and themes.
Then, they choose the ideal location for their artistic production that they simply stick on the transparency.

From the inside of his cylinder, aNa creates a common original work.

At the end of the day, the giant collaborative fresco is open to be framed on the spot.

The works obtained are exhibited during the final installation to be presented in the manner of a temporary professional exhibition in the Hall of the building.

Everyone can find his forms, take a picture or fix the memory of his contribution.
Many publish on social networks.

The works are then sent to their different final destinations.
Indeed, this giant tube 1.5 meters in diameter represents a monumental fresco of 4 meters long composed of:
- a table of 1700x2000mm
- then two diptychs of 2x600x1700mm

This benevolent method offers the double advantage of livening up a day by leaving, in the end, true works of art to display to decorate but also and above all to remind the teams of their belonging to a unique and plural structure.

She also has the capacity to captivate young and old whether they are students or researchers ...

The artist aNa has been moving to Switzerland and France since 1999.
Its concept is available for budgets between 1500 and 4000 € approx.
This includes: travel, artist intervention, team animation, material, coaching and installation.

Information: 06 45 10 61 93
0033 645 106 193"

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