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Animation Graffiti anniversaire Lyon

An anniversary is a custom that is celebrated in many cultures. It's about counting each year that passes from the date of birth of a person or creation of a thing or a structure.
This helps to mark the passing of time and to make a sort of balance sheet with those who count.
When we talk about children, each year counts even more than in any situation because the passing of time sees a very important evolution of this dear one. In our case, the idea is even stronger because it is a question for ANA, to involve all the members of families and friends gathered around an extremely strong event: the first birthday of a young Nathanael adopted since only some months. The couple wants to build a library of memories. It is also a way of compensating for the absence of lived birth.

The mission of the artist aNa is to participate in a fun animation, all guests, to the interactive creation of a collaborative and collegiate graffiti fresco. aNa installs its new Neon Tube format that suits the situation perfectly.
In a comfortable space, built of brown and cream rammed earth, elevated with scintillating and grazing light, this cylinder with the backlit base brings a design and attractive touch even before the beginning of the artistic performance.
Each guest is invited to cut out shapes in the adhesives arranged around the artist's support.

A "Little Prince" theme is proposed as "starter" or "ice breaker".
The animation starts on the run and continues gradually for at least two hours. aNa, from the inside of his cylinder, creates an original work of art from the colored material proposed and stuck by the assembly outside the Tube.
Once she estimates the painting completed, the work is immediately framed in the customized support prepared in the workshop.

Thus, in 3 hours, the whole room discovers dumbfounded the result of artistic collaboration extremely accessible, playful, transversal and original.
Everyone has participated from young children to wheelchair elders.

The fresco graffiti work is greeted with a collective exclamation.
It is truly incredible and magical for a birthday guest to be faced with such a professional and artistic result that he has taken part in in such a short time.

People are stunned.
Our videos are mounted without any effect to well relay this effect of surprise which testifies to the quality and the intensity of the final feeling of the participants.

The painting is then the pretext for photographs and family portraits with the image in the background.

Then the frame is exposed directly on the spot for the time of the evening.

It will join the next day the family lounge at the location already validated with the artist.

This preliminary registration makes it possible to select the most coherent colors and term of mias in final value. It is already agreed for the couple and their child to receive the different families at their home to see again and regularly the collective painting made by the artist aNa.

aNa offers this service in France and abroad.
In professional contexts like parties, cocktail parties, team buildings, seminars, exhibitions, ...
But also in the evening, events and private pretexts like wedding and birthday.
Some homes even offer this personalized decoration as a couple or family with children and grandparents.
Information: 06 45 10 61 93"

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