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Animation fresque magie digitale

During a cocktail organized to gather the guests following a general assembly in Lyon, the artist aNa presents a new form of original and innovative artistic intervention: the digital graffiti fresco.

aNa creates a work from a plan: here the geographical area or catchment area of the customer.
This company is setting up this evening to present to all these actors an important strategic plan.
The artist proposes to create an illustration in its style from the contours and limits offered by the regional map of the areas covered by the company and its various agencies.

This graphic price party allows to install a legible game that invites participants to find in which area of the drawing they are located: in an eye, a mouth, an animal, a plant, ...

The guests are very flattered to be considered from the beginning of the creation.
But above all, throughout the evening, they take part directly in the design and creation of the digital common work imagined by the artist upstream and workshop. aNa circulates with an iPad digital tablet presenting are work. The digital tablet is connected with one or more screens arranged in the space.

Thus, the guests are actors of the event, since it is their live intervention that is broadcast on TV or screens. They are flattered as much as stimulated. Few animation offers direct and live interaction of the audience throughout the evening.
The digital graffiti fresco is thus naturally formed during the event. This presents no difficulty. It is accessible to everyone: adults, children, handicapped public, ...

Everyone is free to choose their color, to cover the area of their choice, or even to draw something over the artist's drawing. The set gives a very rich collective coloring since it is the result of a multitude of cultures and personal references.

This method allows to involve a large number of guests in a short time to a unifying and common project. For the greatest number, this fresco becomes a magical graffiti. Coloring on a tablet and seeing the result live is totally awesome for many generations.

The guests are also very flattered to be involved in a real creative process. The presence of the artist is a real PLUS.
But it is possible to circulate the tablet with one or more hostesses depending on the size of the assembly.
In the end, a physical work is printed and sent within 10 days to the customer who keeps a real memory of this intangible digital animation.

It is important that an exposed painting testifies to a precise place of the collegial intervention of the group based on the notion of collective intelligence.
Everyone can find his line, his color, his area.
There is no limit to the size of the final work.
This process makes it possible to constitute in the end a true monumental fresco. On the contrary, it is possible to produce a smaller format in very big series to offer to all participants.

This formula is ideal for:
- inaugurations (aNa also works from building plans)
- commercial animations involving for example all the customers of a commercial zone or association of traders
- Territorial activities involving all the inhabitants of a city or village in a unifying artistic action

From 1000 € excl tax

Available all over France and abroad.

Information: 06 45 10 61 93"

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